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Act This Out!
January 10, 2010

Ok, places everyone!

3-2-1… ACTION!


“Yah!” original one act play by iTwixie

Girl 1: Wilma

Girl 2: Dakota


Wilma: Ya-hoo!  Helloooo!  Ca-choo!  Anyone home?

Dakota (from off-camera): What?  Is someone there?

Wilma: Hey, Dakota!  What is UP!

Dakota: Did you just walk into my house without knocking or anything?

Wilma: Oh, uh, sorry, my bad, I, uh, guess I just think of myself as, well, maybe, kinda, like part of your, you know, like, family.  You know, cuz I don’t have any siblings, and you have, well, like 3 other kids in here!  Like would you even notice one more?  You know what I mean?  So, you know, I just think it’s ok, but if it isn’t, you gotta tell me, ‘cuz I’ll knock it off, and just remember to always…

Dakota: (interrupting Wilma) Yah – it’s eally no big.  So wtup?

Wilma: Really?

Dakota: Yah, really, wtup?

Wilma: No, I mean, like really, it’s ok if I just walk in like I just totally did?

Dakota: Yah, really.  You are so right.  I never know whose coming or going and you’re always here, and I’m always at your house, so it’s like we’re sisters!  I get it, totally, so yah, it’s cool.

Wilma: Gonna ask your mom?

Dakota: Huh?

Wilma: You know, to see if it’s ok?

Dakota: Huh?

Wilma: Huh?

Dakota: Uh, it’s not like that kind of thing, Wilma, no worries.

Wilma: Oh, yah, totally.  Got it.  Awright.  We’re cool.

Dakota: Yah.  Wtup?

Wilma: Nothin.

The girls laugh and laugh and the scene is over.


Send us your very own “Act it out” production right here:


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