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Animal Shelter Role Play by HarryPotter7
September 3, 2011

In this Roleplay we are cats that live in a Animal Shelter. We all have Warrior names (Smokecloud Darksoul, Bluepelt, E.T.C and idk why Warrior names they r just cool) and we live in cadges. But the workers there dont know we all have to hunt for mice that live outside, defend out cages and like to mess with the dogs. Put your name, age, pelt, eyes, personality,how long you have been there, and history! Then start! Me-
Name: Sandwater
Age: 1
Pelt: Grayish blue with specks of sand colored fur.
Eyes: Sea green. (Yea they can be sea green!)
Personality: is very protective. Her worst rival is Urchinclaw, who is across from her. But an outsider mostly.
Been there: since brirth
History: came from a mother who grew up in a clan then was taken to this shelter. Her mother was adopted as soon as Sandwater old enough to fend for herself. She lives in cage 122.

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