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Animation Tips by xInvaderMorgan
October 1, 2010


How to Animate by xInvaderMorgan

This is an interview between iTwixieAdmin and xInvaderMorgan on Twixing. It’s so cool! Check it out and maybe you will try your hand at animating, too!


xInvaderMorgan: Well, you can animate with a bunch of programs, actually. Even the ones not meant for animation! What I used in the In Her Shoes video was Windows Movie Maker and Paint. I don’t have access to them, though, because I changed operating systems from Windows to Ubuntu :(

iTwixieAdmin: Ok, I think I get it… LOL

xInvaderMorgan: Haha, it’s a lot to learn in less than an hour XD

iTwixieAdmin: Yes…

xInvaderMorgan: I can talk a bit on how to animate with those programs, though :)

iTwixieAdmin: Ok… All ears!

xInvaderMorgan: If you’re using Paint, or a picture drawing program similar, and say you’re animating… a dog… choose a color besides black (like red, pink, green…) and draw a quick sketch. Once you’re satisfied, save it to your computer. Then, with your saved picture still up, pick a new color and draw over the sketch. You should make it similar to the sketch you just drew, but moved in the way you want slightly. What’s great is, you still have the first sketch to guide you…

iTwixieAdmin: That is awesome!

xInvaderMorgan: …Once you’re done drawing on the first sketch, there’s a special erase tool that lets you erase only one color. Choose the same color of the paint that you used on the first sketch, and erase it. Then, you should be left with just your second sketch. Then, save it under a similar file name as the last. (If you saved the last one under a name like “DogAnimation” you should call this one something like “DogAnimation2″ Just an organization tip that’ll help when you’re putting the video together!) Then, start drawing more and more pictures over your sketches like I told you until you’re satisfied with a full-length sketch-animation!


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