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Announcing the First Winner of iTwixie's Writer of the Month:
September 2, 2011


Shopgirly! Congratulations!! Wow, your entry was amazing and we cannot wait to read the rest!

What a close and tricky vote! So many good choices! Great job, EVERYONE! Stay tuned. Next month’s Writer of the Month will start in just a few weeks! SO fun :)

Here’s How Writer of the Month Works
Every month, iTwixie will post the beginning of a paragraph for you to finish. Anyone who wants to send in a paragraph can! Then, one week later, the first 12 paragraphs are showcased with a vote. The winner is announced the following week. The winner gets a kewl writer’s journal! Fun, right?

Check out all of this month’s entries right here. Great job, girls!


Here is shopgirly’s winning entry:

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the first day of school, and right in front of me, barring my way into my classroom, stood Pari. My worst enemy since preschool. When she cut half of my hair off using scizzors. ON PURPOSE! She walked up to me and said “Are you ready for the thrill of a lifetime? You are going down!” I thought she moved to Wisconsin! She must have come back. Oh no! What will I do? (this story will be continued on my blog)  ~ shopgirly

Way to go, shopgirly!

You all ROCK! :)


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