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Announcing the October iTwixie Blogger of the Month!
October 18, 2009


“A Friend To Remember” Part One by Lemonhead

As i walked into my classroom, i noticed a paper on my desk.” Woah that’s weird!” I said reading the paper “someone in our school has h1n1!” for a minute i was-scared. i had heard about in on the news and was kind of grosssed out.

At lunch resses my friends gathered in a circle.”So” i said” Did you guys-hear?” they all looked at me like “what”? ” Do you know what im talking about?” they all shook their heads no.”Someone has h1n1!” I could see the looks on there face change from the excited wow to the who care’s wow.”So?” Alice asked “So,” i said” Do you guys even know what that means?” Katie crossed her arms “Wow, Kaylie. DUH!” she paused “I’m leaving!” she and all of the other girls left, leaving me to feel-Alone.

Wanna know what happens next?  You’ll have to go to Lemonhead’s blog!

Here’s to you, Lemonhead!  Keep up the great writing!  We all love your blogs!

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Here’s to all iTwixie bloggers!  You rock!  Who will be next month’s iTwixie Blogger of the Month?  Maybe it’ll be YOU!  Get blogging!


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