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Announcing The Winner Of iTwixie's HOT August Pet Show!
September 13, 2011



Photo Credit: Joyandpeaceonearth


Meet Bushes, the winner for iTwixie’s Hot! Hot! Hot August! Virtual Pet Show! Way to go, Joyandpeaceonearth! Now you get to decide if you would the Pet Show winner’s logo as your avatar! Just let iTwixieAdmin know and it will be loaded onto your profile for you!

Thank you for all of the amazing pics and videos of your pets, iTwixie girls! These pets are so fabulous. You did a great job and it was hard for peeps to choose just one!

The next Virtual Pet Show will be on September 27. You can send your entries in any time before then. Be sure to label any pet photos as being for The Pet Show. You can send in videos, too! Just be sure we know they are for the pet show.

Just enter YOUR pet by either:

  • E-MAILING your photo to submissions@iTwixie.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it, or
  • UPLOADING A MOVIE of your pet right here!

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