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Can You Tell if These Are Coyotes or Wolves?
October 27, 2011


Ready for this? Even scientists can’t tell, for certain, if these are 100% coyotes or wolves.

That’s because many coyotes and wolves in the USA have families together. So the only way scientists can tell, for sure, is through DNA testing, which is hard to do.

These animals all look like coyotes, though:

Coyotes usually have pointed ears, a more fox-like muzzle and a lean, delicate look. Wolves have rounded ears, a more round and boxy muzzle with a more bulky and large overall look. So if you guessed coyote you would probably be correct.

Coyotes have spread from the plains and desert areas of the USA to nearly every corner of the country.

STEM Challenge: What do coyotes eat? (check to see if you’re right by checking your answer with the answer in iTwixie News section)

Source: Smithsonian (2011, October 25). New genetic evidence confirms coyote migration route to Virginia and hybridization with wolves. ScienceDaily.

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