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Ask for a Day of the Girl Where You Live!
July 1, 2012


 Day of the Girl: Our new BFFs at Day of the Girl worked with the United Nations to get a proclamation for a special day that’s all about the power of girls all over the world. It’s called Day of the Girl and the first one EVER is happening this Fall: October 11, 2012! That’s 10.11.12! Cool, right?

Here’s How YOU Can Help! Ask for a Day of the Girl Proclamation Where YOU Live!

And get this: it’s EASY!

So far, you’ve looked up the name and address of your local Councilperson, City Mayor, or State Governor and drafted your proclamation (you can still do this, just click on what you have yet to do and follow the directions!).

This week: we’ll write the letter to go with the proclamation, together! Ready?

How Will You Write One? All you do is copy and paste this sample letter in the comment section below, and add all the information about your town, city or state and anything important you would like to add. That way any other peeps from your area can add their thoughts, too! Ready? Get started!

Ask a parent to help, and leave comments here for help, too. All you need to do is fill in all the information about your town, city or state and anything important you think should also be in this letter. Do you want to go to your official’s office to receive your proclamation? Now’s the time to ask for it. Start writing it here so that any other peeps from your area can their thoughts, too!

Sample Letter
iTwixie’s Change the World Club
in partnership with Day of the Girl
(insert your name and your address here)

The Honorable Tom Corbett (change this to the name and address of your government official here)
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

July 7, 2012 (this is the day we’ll try and mail the letters!)

Dear Governor Corbett, (change this to your government official’s name here)

iTwixie’s Change the World Club respectfully requests your recognition of October 11, 2012 as the Official Day of the Girl for the State of Pennsylvania (change this to your city or state here). We have submitted a proclamation for your review and request to meet with you to celebrate this proclamation in person on or before October 11, 2012 (make sure you and your parent, group of friends and their parents, are all interested in attending the event).

The UN has proclaimed October 11, 2012 as Day of the Girl. This proclamation will showcase Pennsylvania,(change to your city or state here) in partnership with the UN, iTwixie and many organizations around the world, a committment to support all efforts to: increase girls’ participation in sports, encourage girls to pursue fields of study and careers where women still hold a small percentage of jobs, provide equal opportunities for all girls by speaking out against gender-bias and celebrating all girls’ potential.

Thank you for your kind attention. We look forward to discussing any questions or changes you may have and when to we can meet to celebrate this proclamation.

(your name here with your city or state, along with any other peeps who would like to sign this letter with you)
Proud iTwixie Change the World Club Member
Pittsburgh, PA

(anyone else want to sign the Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania letter? Ask your parent first!)

It’s sooo true, iTwixie girls. We ARE changing the world! Get busy writing your letter! Write it right here! We’ll help. Next week we’ll mail them and plan our events and what happens next. Soon, we’ll have Day of the Girl all over the planet!


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