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Average Role Play by DarkAngelNikita
May 5, 2012

Location: Washington DC
Name: Blaire Anderson
Nickname: Velocity
Age: 25
Status: Single
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135
Skin: Fair/Medium
Hair: Black short shag
Eyes: Aqua
Face: Naturally blush, a mix between square and oblong shape
Persona: Straight forward, kind, tough, stubborn
Religion: Methodist
Job(s): Waitress at Bo-Cly Restaurant 7am-12pm Mon-Fri, cashier at “GameStop” 1-7pm Mom-Fri
Home: It’s a small, apartment-sized home I’m renting out from my aunt at $80 a month. She was kind enough to let me pick out my own furniture.
History: My history is pretty average. Well, average other that the fact I have a huge scar that goes down along the jaw bone on the right side of my face from when I was hit by a drunk driver two years ago. I got my nickname from the video game Velocity for the “Nintendo 3DS.” People that I work with in “GameStop” tell me that the main character, Velocity, HAD TO BE based on me. I look almost exactly like the character and we both have the same personality. I believe the character WAS based on me. I looked at the video game’s credits; one of the creators of Velocity was is of my exes, Chis McIntosh. Need I say more?

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