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Awesome Bags by Nerdygirl
November 18, 2011


  1. Cut a piece of cardboard into five pieces. The five pieces will be the bottom, large sides and small sides of your purse. The size of the purse is up to you; just make sure the sides match up and fit with the bottom.
  2. Cover each piece of cardboard in duck tape. Cover it all the way, make sure that it is all the color you have chosen.. (or multicolored if you like)
  3. After you’ve covered all of the pieces, put together your purse by placing the pieces on the bottom of the purse and taping them on. Make sure they are standing up on the bottom piece, not laying on the ground. The large sides go opposite each other, and the short sides go in the spaces in between.
  4. Then tape all those peices together.
  5. To make a strap, take two pieces of tape and cut them to the length you want. Now place them together, leaving a little space. This space, when it’s folded over, will keep your strap from feeling sticky.
  6. Now just tape the strap to the bottom of the bag.

Have fun!

Want more ideas for duck or duct tape? Check out the Duct Tape Club by blueCrUnCh

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