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Back 2 School Fashion Tips from READ_MY_LIPS_123
August 18, 2010

Here are some tips on how to go back to school in fashion so you can be flashing!


OK, as you know you still can add your own twist and turns to these tips — you dont have to follow them. So let’s get started. I will actually add some other suprise tips at the end.

Well, I am starting middle school and we can’t wear anything above our knees. I will probably be wearing jeans all year. The fashion media came up with this new totally awesome invention called “jeggings,” I believe. A store called Justice sells them there. So since I just mentioned them — they are in! Haha, just kidding. Anyways, the first day of school you want to look your best,try and make friends — am I right? In my best try to make friends, I would wear something bright so I can stand out; dont over do it. People would probably think “she is a Crayola Storm.”

One other thing — I had a article on this — remember the double P’s(peace and plaid)

Here is the second part of the tips! . . . do’s and dont’s in school. I know that Im going to middle school and you might still be in elementry but there are some similarities.

First I will go with dont’s

Don’t . . .

  • Go around talking bad things about people
  • Go more then two days without taking a shower. When I was in aboout second grade I had some    hygene problems and I know Im not the only one.[Yup,I know about yall]

Do . . .

  • Be nice in every way you can
  • Do respect your teacher even if she is mean
  • Last, but not least, go on iTwixie as much as you can after you are done with home work and read my  articles every month.

OK that was all for do and don’t — have a great school year! Whatever it is: your parents, any close guardian, and iTwixie are here!!

Have a great school year!


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