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Show Your BFF You Care!
February 3, 2010


Top Ten Ways to Show Your BFF You Care by iTwixie

10. Always Listen
So you want to tell the story about how you got that A on a test but your BFF wants to tell you about how she’s freaking out because she needs a new pair of jeans and her parents won’t buy them for her?  Listen first!  Help her figure out a plan to earn those jeans!  And then share your great news!

9. Be Honest, But Sensitive
So your BFF’s essay is a mess and she asks you to read it.  You can’t lie.  You need to be honest.  But before you say a word, think about what you’d want HER to say to YOU if she was reading YOUR messy essay.  Be sensitive!  Saying something like, “Well, you know I’m a big fan of your writing, right?  But this essay needs a little more of your special spark.”  Or you could try, “It’s really getting there!  Have you thought about,” and then offer her a suggestion to make it better.

When you are talking to your BFF about sensitive stuff, try imagine saying those words to yourself.  You can practice this in the mirror!

8. Agree to Disagree
Being a BFF doesn’t mean being the SAME PERSON!  It’s fun to say “We’re like twins,” or to get excited about all the things that are just alike with our BFFs.  But as we grow up, we start forming more and more opinions that are special to each one of us.  That’s a great thing! That doesn’t mean that you’re becoming FRENEMIES.  It means you’re growing up.  It means you need to respect these differences.  Good for you!  Good for your BFF!

So, got an opinion that’s different than hers?  GREAT!  Celebrate those differences!  Agree to disagree and get on with something fun!

7. Apologize
We all do crummy things once in a while.  Don’t pretend that it’s her fault when you are the one who broke her fave pencil.  So what that she left it on the floor.  You stepped on it!  Pick it up and say, “I’m sorry.  I know this is your fave pencil and I wrecked it.”

You’ll feel better.  She’ll feel better.  And you’ll both be happy, knowing you both care about each other.

6. Don’t Gossip – Not to Her, About Her or With Her!
If you gossip about other peeps, then you both know that one day you’ll gossip about each other.  A gossip is a gossip.  Don’t gossip!  Even though everyone’s gossiping on TV and in the movies, fact is, no one enjoys being the subject of gossip, and a lot of us feel uncomfortable when people gossip.  Know why?  It’s really bad.

So, don’t gossip.  If it starts, stop it.  Change the subject.  Say, “How about those Yankees,” and get the conversation to be fun again.

5. Laugh
Remember to laugh with each other.  Laugh a lot.  As we grow up, our sense of humor starts to change.  But there will always be that silly stuff that makes us giggle with our BFFs!  Ever get the giggles together?  Laugh it up!

4. Get Mad
Sometimes it’s not good to hold in your anger about stuff – you’ve got to let your BFF know that you are mad.  Let it out!  Then, work it out.  It’s just as unhealthy to stay mad.  You and your BFF can help each other deal with what’s making you so mad.  Need to get an adult?  Need to speak up about something?  Need to stop a bully?  These are important things to deal with as soon as you can, and with a cool head.  So once you’re done being mad, be smart.  Make a plan.  Deal with what’s making you mad.

3. Be Patient
We all get annoying sometimes.  When your BFF starts to annoy you, stop.  Figure out if you need to just be patient.  Wait a few minutes.  Maybe she’s doing stuff that you kinda do, too.  Is she taking forever to put on her shoes?  Is she telling you another, long story?  Is she just being loud?  Think: do I do this stuff, too?  Be patient with your BFF.  You’re growing up and changing every day.  Cut each other a little slack!

2. Be Happy
There are few times in your life as fabulous as now!  It’s time to explore about as much as you can and enjoy this incredible time of your life.  BE HAPPY!  When we are happy, we are better friends.  Being happy will help you be a better BFF!  Feel like you’re too busy?  Maybe you could take a break from one of the activities that’s stressing you out.  Got a friend that’s always mean to you?  Try taking a break from her.  Think about ways to keep this special time of your life, well, special!  Focus on school, being strong, being a good member of your family, and being a good friend.  Don’t worry.  Be happy!

So even though you’ve never enjoyed dinosaurs before, now you’re wondering about how scientists have found so many in recent years.  Grab your BFF and go exploring!  Are you suddenly interested in scientific experiments?  Grab your BFF and create a volcano!  Wish you knew more about music?  Grab your BFF and take a lesson… listen to your fave groups… then listen to hers!  There’s so much for you to explore!  Go for it!  And grab your BFF to join you!  You’ll both have a blast!

Got more ideas to share?  Add ‘em right here!

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