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Be the Next America's Top Young Scientist!
February 24, 2011

iTwixie wants to help YOU enter the 3M Science contest.

If you are in grades 5 through 8, you can enter! All you have to do is create a video for your entry. We want to help!

Just follow these steps:

• Choose 1 of these 3 areas for your entry:

1. Traveling (or the Way We Move)

2. Health (or the Way We Stay Healthy)

3. Helping (or the Way We Make a Difference)

• Come up with an idea for how SCIENCE can solve a problem in one of those areas! Here are some ways to come up with your idea:

- For the Traveling area: What’s hard about how people travel? Does traveling take a lot of time? Do vehicles pollute our world? Are people worried about how to get around in a new place? Do you have ideas for how SCIENCE can make Traveling better?

- For the Health area: Is everyone in the world healthy? Are there ways to keep more people healthy? What’s the biggest problem with keeping healthy? Do you have ideas for how SCIENCE can help keep more people Healthy?

- For the Helping area: Is it hard to help others? Do you think there are simple reasons why more people aren’t helping others? Do you have ideas for how SCIENCE can make helping others easier?

• Do you want to enter this contest?

- All you do is have your parent register you by clicking here.

- Want to see a sample video? Just click here.

- When your video is ready, have your parent help you upload it here.


Wouldn’t it be so kewl if an iTwixie girl won this contest? iTwixie Girls totally Rock!

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