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10 Ways to be Good to Planet Earth!
June 23, 2009

10 Challenges to be Good to Planet Earth:

1. Use re-usable shopping bags when grocery shopping. And drop off used plastic shopping bags in recycling centers found at many stores!

2. Flatten paperboard and keep it in a separate container. Paperboard is what’s used to make cereal boxes.  Check with your town to see how to recycle it. You can make a big difference. One iTwixie girl who tried this said that her family had 1/3 less garbage each week!

3. Buy energy-efficient lightbulbs –they’re just as bright! Look for a star on the packaging.  They’re easy to spot.

4. Research how your family could create a compost center.  Compost can become great fertilizer for flowers and vegetables.

5. Paint used bottles to create vases for flowers.

6. Open the fridge when you’ve decided what you want to eat–not while you decide.

7. Label a soda container with “Spare Change” and collect your family’s coins for a good cause.

8. Use unbleached paper. Read the label at the store before you buy it. Bleach makes paper products white, which can pollute waterways.

9. Turn the water off while you’re brushing and to save water — our planet’s best natural resource!

10. Re-use old tin cans, like from soup, and make art suppy holders! Just cover them in pretty fabric and voila – a neat new place to keep all of your stuff. And this could be a terrific gift for a friend (maybe we ought to use this as a design project!).

Art supply holders made from tin cans covered in fabric

Now, try these. Did you see a difference in a week? Tell us your ideas here, in the comment section below.  Let’s come up with 10 more this week. Send in a picture, too, if you’ve done a project already to share!  iTwixie girls — we can help save our planet! It’s all part of the iTwixie revolution.

Source Credit: The Quote Garden, DoSomething

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