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Be iTwixie's Writer of the Month for FAB FUN February!
February 17, 2012

The first 12 girls to finish this paragraph will get included in a vote next week and we’ll vote for the iTwixie Writer of the Month for February! KEWL!


A paragraph is usually 4-6 sentences long. So this should be quick and easy! The first 12 girls who finish the paragraph will be included! These 12 paragraphs will then be featured next week in a special vote to choose iTwixie’s FAB FUN February 2012 Writer of the Month! The winner will get a writer’s journal!

Just finish the paragraph started below to be included in the vote next week on February 24:

I’m at the Elm Skating Rink wearing my _____ dress. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m waiting for my boyfriend, ____. He was supposed to be here at 5pm and now it’s 7pm. Why would stand me up like this?! Just as I get outside…

Good luck, girls! Remember, only the first 12 girls will be included, so you better get writing!!! Be zany! CRAZY! Creative! And of course… have fun!  :)

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