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October 28, 2012

The Red Cross offers classes on babysitter safety training and good advice for watching after kids. Here are some babysitting tips and places where you can go to become a certified babysitter…

Click here to find a a Red Cross babysitting class near you!

Here are some great tips:

1.) Keep emergency numbers near the phone when you’re babysitting. Like the parents’ number, the doctor’s number, or who to call in case of an emergency.

2.) If you’re watching a little baby who might just be learning to crawl or walk, make sure the staircases are gated so they can’t accidently tumble down them.

3.) Keep kids away from hot water faucets or anything on the stovetop – hot water can really hurt a small child.

4.) Make sure sharp things like knives and scissors are out of reach of the kids you’re watching.

5.) If you’re watching kids near a pool, keep a very close watch on babies and small kids who might easily fall in or lose their balance in the water.

Source: The Red Cross Southwestern PA Chapter

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