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Be the Kind of Engineer You Want to Be!
January 26, 2012

Engineering opens up doors to new places and new experiences. Engineering is a HOT career choice! You can choose what kind of engineer you want to be and what kind of work you want to do! AND engineering needs YOU!



Here are some fun facts about engineers:

  • They work in space, underwater and on land.
  • Field work is a big part of engineering. You may end up designing a skyscraper in London or developing safe drinking-water systems in Asia.
  • Or you may stay closer to home, working with a nearby high-tech company or a hospital.
  • Are you into sports? Who designs the equipment you use to give you the competitive edge over your opponents? Whether it’s snowboarding, baseball, mountain biking or golf, engineers do!


STEM Challenge: Can you name 10 kinds of engineering? Be the first iTwixie girl to name them all. You can look them up with Quizlets! We’ll announce a random winner next Thursday, February 2. The winner will get a cool pocket journal! Good luck, girls!

You can look up the kinds of engineers by clicking right here.

Plus, with Flashcards Deluxe you can 1) make YOUR OWN flashcards, 2) TRY OUT YOUR BFFS flashcards or 3) SHARE your flashcards with everyone!

Get your parent’s permission and then go to the iTunes store. Here’s what you’ll do:

How to get Flashcards Deluxe from iTunes:
1. Click here to go iTunes
2. Simply choose to download the app onto your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or iPod
3. Have fun learning about all kinds of things… like Engineering!



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