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Beautiful Tennis Shots: The Volley
May 10, 2010


The Volley

The volley isn’t a tricky, hard-to-hit shot, it’s a shot that lets you hit the ball out of the air and place it in a difficult place for your opponent to return.

The most common mistake beginning tennis players make is thinking that they have to hit the volley hard. Just don’t do it!

The volley is the shot that you’ll use when your opponent doesn’t hit her shot deep into the court, and so you have the chance to hit it before it bounces and back to her feet or behind her. You’ll win this point every time!

Here’s how you make a great volley:

  • Hold the racquet in “hammer” grip, like you’re striking a hammer
  • Place the raquet in front of you slightly with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Hit the ball with your raquet facing upward, and with a motion like you’re pushing the racquet toward your target. Do not follow-through with a swing. Use a pushing motion to deliver the ball into the back court on the other side of the net.

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Send in a video of YOU making a great volley!

Source: professionaltennisinstruction.com



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