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Beauty Contest by oceania10, Part 2
March 17, 2012


Have at it iTwixie girls, tell us what you think is beautiful with your vote!

1) Every girl is beautiful in her own way. Even if your too skinny or bigger, have a disorder, your hair’s too flat or too curly, you’re beautiful! I also think sunsets are beautiful. ~ bluezebra628

2) Beauty are the people, the animals, how the ocean clashes into the sand, how the clouds move in the sky, how the raindrops fall to the ground, how snow comes gently down and cover the place in a layer of white cold… Everything in the world can be beautiful you just have want it to be!! ~ Lovely4Ever

3) Beauty is: Me, You and friendship!  ~ jacmelgirl101

4) Beauty is everything. Beauty is heart, soul, friendship and YOU! Beauty is nature, love, and, YOU!

Girl: Do you think I’m pretty?
Girl:would you cry if I left?

The girl started to leave tears streaming down her face and the boy grabbed her arm.
Boy: I think your beautiful, I would die if you left!

~ BlueLemon

5) Beauty is a love song sung to you by your loved one from outside your window, beauty is the special way that you danced at your wedding, beauty is the places that haven’t been explored, and beauty is everything around you that’s been left untouched by human hands that will grow and blossom into the heart of earth itself.    Beauty is.

~ thinktank101

6) Life is beautiful.   ~ Reach130



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