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Best Care 4 U Tip From 2011 – Vote Now!
January 9, 2012


Here is a list of the Care 4 U tips from 2011!  Don’t see what you liked best or want to see for 2012? Just add it in the comments below!!

The winning Care 4 U tip will be announced next week, Monday January 16.  Can’t wait to see what you liked best! Be sure to get your requests in, too!

Thanks to polkadotz for the suggestion to have links for each of these tips so you can read them over, maybe for the first time! U Rock, Girl!

Hair Care Tips by strawberry07!

Wear Boots? Wear a Scarf!

Try This 2 Get Healthier, Faster & Stronger

Bubbles Can Help Tweens Relax!

Try EpikAvocado Pampering Pointers!

A Tween Must: Take Care of Your Feet

Healthy face wash by mainlyRANDOM

Take this Healthy Plate Challenge Just for Tweens!

A Savvy Tween’s Guide for a Strong, Healthy Body

Help! What Will My Body Do Next?

Chill Out, LOL & Relax!

What If You Do Not Like Sports?

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