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Best Sports Tips from 2009!
January 21, 2010

iTwixie Sports Tips from 2009:

I’m a big runner. One tip that made my 2009 better was to work on core strength!
Pilates, yoga, sit ups, using the body ball, are all ways to work on being
stronger in your core. Go girls!

I play softball and if you do,too, here is a tip. When you are up to bat don’t be afraid of the ball. 
Remember to just have fun it doesn’t matter if you win or lose just have fun with it!!!

i play VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!! and one tip, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PLATFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I play basketball, and if you have braces, get a mouth guard! If you don’t have one, the ball could hit you and slice your lip open. THAT WOULD HURT!!!!!!

Well one tip on basketball–BE AGGRESSIVE.  Coach even says to get fouls!  She says that means your head is in the game.

Volleyball Tip: This one is kind of for everyone, but stretching. It helps so you don’t pull muscles and so you don ‘t get too tense before your games.

If you join vollyball, the best way to practice is to have a group of your friends (or kids on your vollyball team) to get in a big circle, then bounce the ball around. Try doing bump, set, spike (or whack) as much as you can, as long as you can. It really helps. And if the ball goes straight for the center of the circle, don’t just stand there waiting for somebody to dive after it. Dive your self ! That’s what KNEE PADS are for. Oh yeah, and if you need knee pads, but can’t afford them, sometimes schools will lend them out to you!

I dance which IS a sport and the best thing to do is stretch everday 







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