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Body Care Tips by Statica
May 9, 2011

Body & Shower:


  • Don’t make the water boiling. #1: This isn’t friendly to the earth, #2: even though it might feel good, it dries out ur skin in the long run.
  • Use a bright scent such as orange, mango, something tropical. This will keep your mood bright.


  • You don’t have to wash ur hair every day. It isn’t good for it and will dry it out.
  • Try to get some anti-frizz cream for frizzy winter days. A dab of lotion will work, but too much dries it out and makes it more frizzy!
  • Comb your hair before you step in the shower. This will loosen the dirt and also reduce tangles.
  • Don’t use too much hairspray and anti-frizz cream and shampoo and conditioner and dandruff-away stuff, which will just be too much for your hair.
  • Get a haircut at least every other month to keep the ends from splitting
  • Brush your hair before you go to bed. Always make sure to spritz your hair with water before you go to bed too, and maybe put it in a loose ponytail to reduce tangles.


  • Put lotion on them daily to keep moisture! If youre using clay in art bring a mini lotion in to keep the clay from sucking all moisture out of your hands.
  • If you use nail polish, put a clear base coat on to protect the nails from any harming, strong dyes.
  • Don’t use sharp nail tools
  • DON’T BITE YOUR NAILS! I know it’s a hard habit to break and I bite my nails, but if you paint your nails all pretty it should keep you from wanting to bite them, and paint them pretty every week to keep those harming teeth away from them!


  • It’s good to put some lotion on your heels weekly so they don’t get ugly and cracked.
  • Rub lotion on your legs every week to keep them from getting itchy
  • Clip your toenails every month so the nails don’t grow into the skin.
  • Clean your feet well each week so they don’t get smelly. Another good way to prevent this is to let your shoes air out on the porch after you wear them, and when you take them in it’s good to spray a dash of perfume on them. Mmm, instead of sweaty gross feet, delicious smelling feet! I reccomend the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom after airing the shoes out.


  • Brush them twice a day! If you want, you can even keep a toothbrush in your locker to brush your teeth after lunch at school.
  • Make sure to get dental check-ups twice a year. That will keep your teeth shiny clean.
  • Floss at least twice a week so that bits of food and plaque don’t get stuck between them.
  • I reccomend the produnt WaterPik. It’s water flossing and also you only have to do it once a day! It hurts a lot less and is a lot more fun!
  • Braces recquire special care. Always brush and never have chewy candies (no gum) and don’t have much caffine. WaterPik is essential for braces.


  • Make sure to wash it daily if you get pimples or acne.
  • Always wash your eyes once a week. Get some cold water and hold it on your face for about five minutes to get them feeling refreshed.
  • Put on Chapstick every day, and keep one in your pocket during winter. Grab it whenever you need lip refreshment!
  • Never lick your lips, it dries them out bad.
  • In summer, stick a tube of chapstick in the fridge for an hour or so, and put it on for a refreshing treat! (This tip came from American Girl magizine)

I hope you guys (girls) liked my tips! Keep your body in tip-top shape!!!!!!

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