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July 6 Book Club Partay! Did You Stop In and WIN?
July 6, 2011

Here’s where you can WIN on iTwixie today!

• Play Flower of Fortune! and be the girl to find the name from Walls Within Walls and WIN! Just write the name on iTwixieAdmin’s wall!

• Keep checking the Walls Within Walls profile page for 7 clues for our own Walls Within Walls treasure hunt. You might win one of 7 prizes!

• Answer these “Who’s Who” questions. The first peep to answer each question will win! We’ll post all of the answers to these questions tomorrow so you can see who wins!

1) Who found the book that started the treasure hunt?

2) Who is the fearless note taker?

3) Who is the person with an incredible memory for facts, poems, and history?

4) Who is the one everyone thought was dead?

5) Who is the bravest of the treasure hunters?

6) Who creates video games?

7) Who is the favorite babysitter for the Smithforks?

AND today on iTwixie’s Twixing, there will be 7 more ways to WIN!

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 7, we’ll post all of the answers and winners… good luck girls!


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