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Pitch In & Say "Thanks!" for Art!
November 4, 2009

Ways Tween Girls Can Show Thanks for Art!



Whenever you find a story, poem, picture or song that you like, it’s easy to let everyone know that you’re thankful that the artist created it.  Simply mention the person’s name whenever you tell someone about it or write about it.  That’s called giving credit or citing another person’s work.

It’s a terrific way to “say thanks” for the great idea.

On iTwixie, you’ll see “Photo Credit” or “Source” below pictures and articles.  These notes tell you where we found the cool picture, writing or new discovery. Sometimes iTwixie will interview doctors or scientists for general information.  In that case, iTwixie will mention these conversations in the article.

Try this to show off other people’s work that you love:

  • Like a blog? Mention it on your blog!
  • Love a book?  Include the author’s name when you write about it!
  • Have a fave song?  Put some of the lyrics in quotes and then mention the song’s name and the name of the songwriter when you write a comment, blog or send a message.

It’s cool to say “thanks!”  Have you ever been thanked for writing something?  Didn’t you love it?  Pitch in and help others feel great, too.  And when it happens to you, you’ll be sure to smile!

Try it!  Write the name of a song, book or piece of art that you love right here, and make sure to include the name of the artist who created it!

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