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Box Bracelet Directions by Coolioswimmer
September 24, 2010


Step #1: Cut 5 strings(to a length of 24 inches), all different colors, and fold them in half.

Step #2: Take the loose ends(not the looped ends) and tie a knot at the top of them, with about 1 inch of loose ends left at the top.

Step #3: Clip the knot to a clipboard.

Step #4: Number your fingers,PALMS UP, 1-10, left to right, and then put fingers 2-4 into the first 3 loops. Put fingers 8 and 9 in to the last 2 loops.

Step #5: Start by taking finger number 7 and putting it through the loops on fingers 3 and 4 and grab the loop on finger 2 and pull it through the loops you just went through, putting it on finger 7.

Step #6:You now have loops on fingers 3 and 4. Move those loops in the same order as they are to fingers 2 and 3.

Step #7. Repeat Steps #5 and 6 on the other hand and alternate until the bracelet is long enough!


Have fun — your bracelet will be ready in minutes!


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