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How To Make Friendship Bracelets!
July 31, 2009


  • Choose three colors of string
  • Tape the ends of all three strings together to the edge of a table or hard surface, so all 3 strings hang off the edge.
  • We’ll call the left string, string #1, the middle one is string #2, and the right string is #3: To do a simple braid, hold the #1 string in your left hand and the #3 string in your right.
  • With your right middle finger, reach under string #3 and grab string #2, pulling it under and into the right string’s position. Now, string #3 should be in the middle and string #2 should be on the right.
  • Do the same think with your left middle finger – grabbing the middle string under and onto the left side this time.
  • Keep repeating and switching sides, pulling the middle string (string #2) to the left and right.

Voila! You’re braiding! Your bracelet will be ready in minutes!

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