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Breakfast! Do You or Don't You?
August 27, 2012

Here are 10 reasons we found plus an untrue one!

Challenge: Find the bogus (untrue) one and tell us in the comments below :) A random person giving the correct answer will win 6 months of free twixing! The winner will be announced next Monday, September 3!

Be sure to vote in the poll about breakfast eaters! Do you or Don’t you eat breakfast?

Eating Breakfast:

1. has brain boosting powers!

2. provides essential nutrients!

3. makes it much less likely that you will develop any eating problems.

4. makes it much less likely that you will develop diabetes.

5. will help your body fight disease.

6. will keep you in a good mood all the time.

7. will improve your skin.

8. will help to keep you thinner.

9. will stabilize your energy level.

10. will help your heart.

11. will help you live longer.

Special thanks to qualityhealth.com and thedailymeal.com!

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