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Can U Help These iTwixie Girls?
April 20, 2011


1) I need advice – one of my best friends is always mad at me when I am hanging out with other people and when I ask her if she wants to play she gets madder. What should I do?! I NEED HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

2) Dear iTwixie,
I really want a pug. My mom doesn’t want to get me one, though, because she says we already have a dog. I’ve been very responsible and shown her that I reeeeeeally want this. I know that we already have a dog, and i know what it’s like to have a puppy. I think our dog wouldn’t mind a playmate, either. How can I get her to give me a dog?
-An iTwixie Girl
3)What do you do when someone is talking behind your back about you meanly? I had this friend that I thought liked me, but when she left our school all my friends told me she was so rude behind my back! She said that I was bossy, rude, and ugly! Now she’s coming back to our school and I don’t know what to say to her! Any suggestions? P.S My problem isn’t what she said, because I know deep down that it’s not true. Even though it hurts… badly.
Got a Sticky Situation or want some advice? Just write it on iTwixieAdmin’s wall or send it in to info@itwixie.com. iTwixie girls ROCK at helping each other out… so let’s help this girl now! Whatchya think?

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