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Can U Keep a Secret?
December 12, 2010
A woman in Pittsburgh, PA started this “secret agent” idea a year and a half ago. Now there are more than 1,500 affiliated agents all over the world. We at the iTwixie nation have been invited to join this great way to “Be Kind, No Exceptions.”
R U interested in becoming an iTwixie Affiliated Agent? Here’s how it works:

1. Spend about $5 or less (and free is good, too!) on a gift of kindness for someone.  Gift cards, greeting cards, small games, actual money, books, quotes, etc., are just a few ideas.  Get creative!

2. Include a little note that says something like, “This gift of kindness is for you, just because.”  Make it personal.

3. Take photos of your gift and note during your preparations.  Make sure your pictures are clear (use a flash if necessary), and if you have writing you’re taking a picture of, make sure we can read it.  It really adds to the experience!

4. Leave your gift and note somewhere public.  It is not recommended that you leave your gift on private property.  

5. Take photos of where you’ve left your gift.  Note the location, date and time.

6. Email your photos and mission specifics to judy@itwixie.com. Don’t worry about writing too much or sending too many photos. Tell us about your whole experience, from the preparations to the actual mission itself. We’ll post it on the website. We will make sure it goes to the Secret Agent L website, too!

You could make a video of your mission, too. That would be so kewl! Feel free to edit it, add music, etc.  Please send your video to iTwixie the same way you would a I’m SO Random video.

Have fun! U ROCK!


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