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Can you do a cartwheel?
July 11, 2009

A cartwheel is one of the basic moves of gymnastics. Cartwheels help strengthen your upper body and your legs!

Here’s how:

1.) Make sure you’ve got plenty of space – and a soft ground if you’re just learning!

2.) Reach your arms straight up over your head. Reach for the sky so your arms are nice and straight and are covering your ears.

3.) Point one foot in the direction you’ll be going. So, if this is your left foot, then your left hand should be the first to touch the ground.

4.) Give yourself a big kick, or push, off the ground with your legs, as you reach your left hand toward the ground. Then, all of your weight will be on your arms – so keep your back straight and be careful!

Land on the opposite foot you started on. You should be facing the direction you came from.

It helps to think of the steps as “hand, hand, foot, foot” – as you put each part on the ground.


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So, how did it go? Send us a pic or a video of your cartwheel and we’ll post it for other iTwixies to see! Can you do any other gymnastics moves? Show us! Need help uploading your video? Check out the instructions right here.

{reg}To send in a picture, just send it to submissions@itwixie.com.{/reg}

If you want to send in a video, under 2 minutes long, upload it here!

{pub}Login (or join and then login) and come back to this page to upload your video or to send in a picture.{/pub}

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