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Carve The Great Pumpkin
October 22, 2010

You will need:

  • a pumpkin for each person (really fun to do this with a BFF!)
  • a knife, a big spoon, and a parent
  • a pencil and a marker (dry erase or permanent)
  • carving tools (plastic kits are available)

Now, grab ur BFF and your parent and:

  • Cut a circle around the stem large enough to scoop out the seeds – have ur parent help u use a knife for this step!
  • Draw ur design on the outside of the pumpkin with a pencil (so U can make it just the way U want).
  • Trace ur perfect design with your marker.
  • Carve out ur design with the knife and tools you have chosen. U do not need to carve all the way through the pumpkin unless you want the candle light to shine through that part of your design.
  • Put in a candle or light that ur parent says is ok

Now, ready for the fun? Turn out the lights and say “oooooooh!”

Happy Halloween!

Give a shout out about YOUR Halloween plans right here!


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