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Change the World
June 9, 2012

Here’s How: We are going to work together to help out our new BFFs at Day of the Girl! They are so cool! They worked with the United Nations to get a proclamation for a special day that’s all about the power of girls all over the world. It’s called Day of the Girl and the first one EVER is October 11, 2012! That’s 10.11.12! Cool, right?

Now, here’s how YOU can get involved:
Wouldn’t it be cool if every town, city and state recognized 10.11.12 as Day of the Girl, too?

Together, we can help make that happen!

Week 1: This week, find out the name of your local Councilperson, City Mayor, or State Governor — whoever you feel like writing a letter to first, and make a note of their address. Next week, we’ll help you write your own proclamation for a Day of the Girl where you live! How cool is that?

It’s sooo true, iTwixie girls. We ARE changing the world! Go get that name and we’ll see you next week! It’ll be so easy! Soon, we’ll have Day of the Girl proclaimed all over the planet!


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