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May 7, 2011




Here are hints for this week’s words. Good luck! These are really difficult!Hints for this week’s Flower of Fortune words. They all begin with an “a”:

Something that’s challenging, exciting and might take you somewhere unknown.

To go faster.

To make something begin.

To make a drawing or picture move.

To explain with a good use of words.

The part of your body that connects your foot to your leg.

This keeps a boat from moving in the water.

When you can’t stay still.

When you aggrevate others.

When people bring others together to do something to make something you all believe happen.

The way someone speaks from another part of the country or world that is special for that area.

Wide awake.

When you have creative talents.

The things that stick out of a reindeer’s head.

An animal.

Really difficult.

The opposite.

To stay away from something or someone.

To put in order.

An amount that can vary.

Surprising in a positive way.

Really surprising in an unbelievable way.

How much.

A friend.

A red, crunchy fruit.


What you wear to protect yourself in a battle with swords.

A group of trees.

A preppy pattern of diamond shapes.


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