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May 2, 2012


This is what she told iTwixie:


1) iTwixie asked, “What is the coolest thing you have ever seen in a tornado or storm?”

Dr. Karen answered, “This probably sounds a bit nerdy, but when I see a tornado visually AND see it on radar. It is cool to think that I am actually looking inside the tornado and I can see something that no one else is seeing (unless, of course, they have a radar, too!).”

2) iTwixie asked, ” What is the scariest thing you have ever seen?”

Dr. Karen answered, “Any hurricane intercept is scary…at least for the first 5 hours! For hurricanes, we deploy our radar trucks on the coast in locations we hope will not flood (such as bridges) and take data as the hurricane makes landfall and passes over us. So, we are essentially captive on our own ‘private island’ for 12 hours.”

3) iTwixie asked, “Have you ever wanted to stay too long watching a storm, but had to run away?”

Dr. Karen answered, “I am pretty cautious, so I probably am guilty of leaving earlier than I should!”

4) iTwixie asked, “How could a girl prepare now to do what you are doing?”

Dr. Karen answered, “The more things you are able to do, the better! Don’t limit yourself to learning just 1 thing.”



Dr. Karen Kosiba tracks tornadoes across the great plains. She drives a Doppler vehicle. How kewl is that? In fact, Dr. Kosiba uses satellites, weather balloons, doppler radars and more cool technologically advanced gear to monitor changes in the earth’s atmosphere.





You can speak with Dr. Kosiba tonight on Twixing!



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