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Check Out All the Fun for iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club About "Little Women!"
March 23, 2011

Go to each section of iTwixie and answer Which Character in Little Women Said THIS? in the poll section at the bottom of each page.  When you have completed every section, look in the News for the answers!

Go to the iMGame section and play Flower of Fortune to find famous words from “Little Women.”

Go to ITA’s (iTwixieAdmin) blog for a question about “Little Women.”

Below you can complete the “Little Women” scavenger hunt. Again answers are in the News section of iTwixie.

Play “Little Women” Taboo on twixing tonight.  Talk about your fave parts of “Little Women” on iTwixie’s ALL DAY Twixing.

What a fun day and way to celebrate a Book Club. Have a blast!

Itwixie’s “Little Women” Scavenger Hunt:

1) Who is the oldest of the sisters?

2) Who it the “pet” of the family and sometimes called “Mouse?”

3) What was the name of the girl’s weekly paper?

4) Why did Mrs. March make a trip to Washington?

5) When was this book written? (hint: copyright date!)

6) Who is always in trouble for being “too boyish?”

7) Who is “the boy next door?”

8) Who is the author of “Little Women?”

9) Which of the sisters has yellow hair?

10) Who is “Marmee?”

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