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Get a Schoolbag and Send a Schoolbag… Schoolbags for Kids Rocks!
December 11, 2011


Revathi lives with nine other girls at Homes of Hope, an orphanage in Secunderabad, India. For the kids there, the idea that some kid in another part of the world cares enough about THEM to send a beautiful backpack is something that they will never forget.


One school that you can choose to receive your “One There” schoolbag is in India. Revi, shown above, received a bag. She is so happy to have it :) It makes us happy to see her.

Our friends at Schoolbags for Kids are all about “One Here. One There.”

It’s so kewl!

Buy a bag here and they send a bag THERE! One Here. One There. Everybody wins! iTwixie is so happy to help bring these cool, fun and really well-made schoolbags to you so girls who need them around the world can get one, too.

These sturdy bags are $59 each. The extra special part about Schoolbags for Kids, is they send schoolbag that’s FULL OF SUPPLIES to the school of your choice; like Revi’s. Just ask your parent to check out Schoolbags for Kids and tell where you chose to send a schoolbag!


These girls look SMART AND FABULOUS AND HAPPY with their Schoolbags for Kids, right?



Here’s to the smartest, savviest and coolest girls in the world… iTwixie girls! YOU ROCK!

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