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Did You Guess Hurricane Isaac?
September 2, 2012

73% of iTwixie girls said that Hurricanes cause more damage. We agree – even though every storm is different, hurricanes combine so many kinds severe weather and last so much longer than a tornado, that in general, they do cause much more damage. 

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Here are the correct answers:

1. We measure this kind of storm in meters rather than miles, because it’s smaller. ANSWER: T

2. This storm system has crazy fast winds, going up to 300 miles per hour. ANSWER: T

3. A storm like this lasts for days rather than minutes. ANSWER: H

4. This storm appears flat because it covers so much area. ANSWER: H

5. This storm is found over land areas only. ANSWER: T

Hurricanes and tornadoes are both serious storms. They can both cause a lot of damage. But one is larger, lasts longer and moves slowly. The other develops quickly, usually travels a smaller area, and has fierce winds.

 Great job, iTwixie girls!

Special thanks to abcnews.com!

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