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Check Out the Winner of the Bug Design Vote!
February 4, 2011

This was a tight vote, if you want to see all the designs just go to Vote for the BEST New Game Bug Design and see all the great designs.

The winning design came with an elaborate description:

This bug is a special bug. It is about three inches high and two inches wide. It has great vision. It can see at anytime of day with any kind of weather. It can run up to as fast as 200 mph!!! This bug cannot fly. It might look like it because of the large thin flaps of skin. These large flaps of skin are used to camouflage the bug. Also these colorful spots surrounding the bug are very useful too. When the sun is out these small little spots engage with the sun. All the colors reflect into the sun at the same time and can make this wonderful bug invisible. This bug cannot swim either. The water ruins the color and pattern on the bug. It can skid across water though. Since their feet are just plain black they CAN get wet. 

This fantastic almost impossible bug is called the “SunBelle”. This odd creature eats some very interesting foods. It enjoys eating sticks, twigs, and tried maple and bay leaves. Also since the SunBelle is great at adapting, you will find them all over the globe. The only problem is there are very few left. Scientists have just recently discovered this creature and found that they weren’t the first. Many years ago some hunters were killing them. Because of this they are suffering from extinction.



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