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Check Out the Winning Writer of the Month for April 2012
May 4, 2012

Add your congratulations to emicool for winning Smart Girls April Writer of the Month!

Here is the entry that won a very close voting race:

Walking to the bus stop after being on the hospital for two months and being schooled over the internet, I’m still adapting to my new right prosthetic leg and my walk is slightly awkward. When I step onto the bus…the bus driver starts driving before I can sit down. I almost fall but someone catches me. I look to see who it is. “Rich!” I almost scream , and I throw my arms around my best friend, Richard. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to not see your best friend for two months!” He said, smiling at me. He pulled me off the floor and I sat on the seat next to him. “Are you
okay? Still not used to the leg?” I nodded. I had been telling him everything over the internet, but I hadn’t been able to actually see him. “Don’t worry.” He said. “If you fall again, I’ll be there to catch you.” I smiled. Getting back to my life wasn’t going to be so hard with him by my side.
~ emicool


Every month, iTwixie Celebrates Smart Girls with a Writer of the Month competition ! The winner gets a writer’s journal!

Be zany! BE CRAZY! Creative! And of course… have fun:) Join the next Writer of the Month competition on May 18. We will have such a great time!

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