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August 19, 2012

“This is the smallest particle in the world and is said to create everything in the universe.

That is just a theory. We have not proved it yet.  It is named after its discoverer, a particle physicist. The Large Hadron Collider’s point is to discover its existence. It can be referred to as the God Particle because it creates everything in the universe, according to the particle physics. Basically, scientists believe that this particle makes up the entire universe!” by DoctorWhoBlogger

STEM Challenge: What is DoctorWhoBlogger Talking About?  Check out all the great answers you sent in by clicking here!

STEM Winner is: rangermetis with the correct answer of The Higgs Boson. Check out all the great answers by clicking here!

rangermetis, you have won this great Go for the GOLD STEM winner avatar! Just write on ‘s wall if you would like it as your avatar!



Special thanks to DoctorWhoBlogger for sending in this great challenge… you rock!

Buy Viagra with mastercard in Waterbury Connecticut, Where can i buy Viagra in South Bend Indiana

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