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Club Greenies: Ten Ways to Re-Use Stuff!
June 29, 2010

First things first – Here are UR 10 Ways to Re-use:

1. Give away clothes that are still in good shape either to peeps you know or to good organizations like Soles 4 Souls

2. Wash out water bottles to re-use yourself or to give to someone else to use.

3. Use an egg container to make a really cool purse.

4. Make a dress using empty juice packets. (also can make a really cool beach bag using juice packets).

5. Re-use paper by always using the back side of it

6. Re-use your hair by cutting it off and donating it 

7. Re-use bottle caps by making a bracelet and decorating it!

8. Sell the things you don’t want at a yard sale. Whatever stuff doesn’t sell, give to someone you know that wants it or give it to good will. (That ‘s what I did for my most recent yard sale!)

9. When you buy new shoes, use the box to make a “my fun box” in which you put a bunch of markers,stickers,clay,etc. It’s really fun!

10. When you have toilet paper rolls that are empty, you can make musical instruments! All you 
need is: beans or rice, tape, and toilet paper rolls. You can also decorate them!


Be sure to check out all the ideas from “makeitruby” in iTwixie’s Design Dimension section.

Ecogirl1010 is starting an eco-club called “Happy Noodles Club” for more eco-friendly ideas.

What would you like to do next in Club Greenies? Write your ideas in the comments section below and we will vote next week!

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