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Let's Make 3 Outfits Together
June 23, 2012

Week 3: Let’s make 3 outfits together! What to wear when you:


1. Go to the movies with your peeps

2. Go to a picnic with your family

3. Go to the amusement park

Here are tips, ideas and answers from last week:

We Asked
What fave item in YOUR closet always makes you feel fabulous? What do you wish you could wear every day? And, where do you always find a great deal on clothes?

You Said
My fave item in my closet is a navy blue long sleeved top from justice with sequins all over the collar. It go’s great with yoga pants for a cute, comfy look.

I love wearing camis and tank tops – since I’m a dancer, they make me feel amazing and they let me dance, move, and be free.

I love my black knee-length dress! It gathers right above the stomach so if you’re like me and don’t wear dresses often – find one or two you love for special occasions!

Where to Find Fashion without Going Broke:

  • Charming Charlie – jewelry (not sunglasses!)
  • Kohl’s – inexpensive, cool clothes
  • Target – inexpensive, cute clothes
  • Giant Tiger – great clothes
  • Forever 21 – amazing bracelets
  • Claires’
  • Ardene
  • Plato’s Closet – used clothing!
  • Yardsales and Clearance racks – great deals!
  • GoodWill Stores – used clothing

Way to go, girls! These are great tips… got any more? Tell us right here! Remember, we are making cool outfit combos this week for going to the moview with your peeps, going to a picnic and going to an amusement park. Have fun! :)

iTwixie girls are beYOUtiful!

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