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Come and See: iTwixie's Virtual Pet Show!
February 22, 2011

Photo Credit: hmsisatiger





This is Hop, one of my other bunnies. People from my Ninja Bunny Club will know her. She is so cute!

Captain, the cat,_in_the_plants
Photo Credit: scubagirl

I’d like to introduce my sweet kitty, Captain! When we got Captain, he was a feral cat. My Mom spotted him on the porch as a kitten, and my Dad designed a trap to catch him. The trap worked, and suddenly, we had a new pet! When we let him out for a while, he went to out sliding glass door and meowed and meowed. It was like he was demanding us to open the door and let him out! When we saw him ordering us around, we knew the perfect name for him. Captain!

I hope you liked seeing my sweet kitty-cat, Captain. :)

pet dog photo, dog has on bandana!
Photo Credit: iTwixiegirl

Here is one of my pet photos!

beddo_and_jaspurr, itwixie pet cats
Photo Credit: Hawkstar

Here’s Beddo and Jaspurr! Jaspurr is the gray striped Tabby and Beddo is the orange Tabby! Hope you liked em’!

princess_dog for virtual pet show
Photo Credit: kellybelly

This pic is of my dog, Lanie, dressed up as a princess. [Wait she already is a princess]

Photo Credit: Nanafofanna

This is my cat, Crookshanks. He’s sitting in a plant box on our front porch. Crookshanks is named after Hermoine Granger’s cat in Harry Potter…

Photo Credit: blazepup123

My dogs are together in the picture (Biscuit-left Blaze-right!) Hope you like them!

Photo Credit: meearthgirl

My photo for the pet contest!

Photo Credit: nerdygirl

This is for the pet show. thanks! hope you can open it!  -nerdygirl

Thank you one and all for your pet entries! Next week on March 1, 2011 we will vote for the winner of iTwixie’s Virtual Pet Show! Isn’t it fun to see ur iTwixie peeps’ pets?

Do you have a pet picture to share with your iTwixie peeps? Send your fun photos to   submissions@itwixie.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to  judy@itwixie.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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