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Come One, Come All to iTwixie's First Science Fair!
May 19, 2011


MOLD PROJECT by Nanafofanna

The picture is of a lemon with blue mold on it.

Collect different foods:

  • a piece of bread,
  • half of a lemon,
  • a little bit of cottage cheese, etc.

Put them in different containers:

  • bread in a Ziploc,
  • lemon in a Ziploc,
  • cottage cheese in a little container.
  1. Put them in a pantry, or somewhere everybody won’t look at them often.
  2. Every few days check on them.
  3. Record the differences,and maybe take pictures.
  4. You’ll see some interesting mold grow!



PRAIRIE DOGS! by prairiedoglover


Photo Credit: brian.gratwicke

Scientists think that prairie dogs live in groups because it helps them to be safe. So this experiment tests that idea by seeing if prairie dogs in large groups spend less time looking around than prairie dogs in smaller groups.

The trick is to find two groups of prairie dogs that are different in size.  Then choose one prairie dog at the center of the large group and watch it for 15 minutes.  Count the number of times that prairie dog actually stands up (as in the picture).  Then go to the smaller group of prairie dogs. Again, choose one prairie dog at the center of this smaller group and watch it for 15 minutes.  Count the number of times that prairie dog actually stands up (as in the picture).

When I did this, the number of times the prairie dog in the large group was alert (standing up) was much less than the number of times the prairie dog in the smaller group was alert. I thought this was so kewl!

Can you try this?



Make a Soda Explosion! by MissMonkey

GREAT TIP: Make sure you get your parent to say ok.

All you need is:

• 1 liter of soda, like Coke

• 1 pack of mentos

Watch what happens…

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Try it!

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