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Congratulations to iTwixie's February Blogger of the Month!
March 1, 2011

This vote went back-n-forth… it was hard to keep up with who was in the lead… amazing bloggers… wow! Great job!!!

And the winner is… Arink!

Arink is a true BLUE iTwixie girl. When you read her blogs, you can tell she’s writing about about whats most important to her. She has great ideas for iTwixie’s Book Club, is terrific at making other girls feel welcome and she’s just a riot on iTwixie’s Twixing!

Way to go, Arink! Everyone, give a MAD high five to Arink!

Please take a second to congratulate all 12 bloggers… you all amaze us every day! U totally ROCK!!

Do you want to be iTwixie’s next Blogger of the Month? Need some blogging ideas?  Try thinking about this: What are you really into? Your pet? Books? Sports? Dance?  School? Hair? Fashion? Helping others?

Write about stuff you LOVE! We’ll LOVE reading it!

iTwixie bloggers ROCK!!

We’ll start taking nominations for iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month for March on March 15, 2011.

Get voting! You can vote every day! Get your friends to vote! Get your family to vote! And good luck to all you bloggers!

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