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Congratulations to iTwixie's HOT August Blogger of the Month!
August 29, 2011

TrueJul99! Congrats to you, TrueJul99! You are iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month for Hot! Hot! Hot August!


TrueJul99 has jumped into iTwixie with both feet. She has written 17 pages of blogs in little over 6 weeks! She is an active member in every area of iTwixie. Congratulations, TrueJul99, for an amazing job!

U Go Girl!!


Here’s how Blogger of the Month (fondly referred to as BOTM) works:

Beginning on the 15th of every month, we take nominations for iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month, a super chance for tween bloggers to get recognized for their amazing blogging on iTwixie!

We don’t include anyone who has won BOTM in the last 12 months. AND we always ask that you let others nominate you… please do not nominate yourself! You will be so honored when u get nominated!

One week later, the first 12 girls nominated get featured in a week-long vote. The winner gets a Blogger of the Month, iTwixie t-shirt!

So get blogging! Nominations begin on September 15th!

iTwixie Bloggers are the BEST!

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