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CyberBullying by Hawkstar!
September 24, 2011


Okay, first, let me start this article off by saying that I have just watched the movie titled, “Cyberbully”, and realized how much the subject really meant to me. Cyberbullying is wrong, and all iTwixie girls should know that.

NEVER, and I mean NEVER, write something that you may regret. People are more crafty than you think, and anything that annoys or hurts them, people can just copy and paste to a new conversation. Someone can easily get you in trouble for what (at the time) you might have meant. Also, saying something to get someone mad or upset is basically cyberbullying. It’s wrong, even if it’s not face to face. On a cool website I found, here are a few questions to see if YOU are a cyberbully, and not know it!

Often, people who are victims are also bullies. Before you feel too bad for yourself, take the quiz below to find if you, too, are part of the cyberbullying problem! Rate yourself on the following point scale according to if, and how many times, you have done the below activities:

Give yourself 0 points if you’ve never done it,
1 point if you have done it 1 or 2 times,
2 points if you have done it 3-5 times,
3 points if you have done it more than 5 times.

Have you ever…

___Signed on with someone else’s screen name to gather info?

___Sent an e-mail or online greeting card from someone’s account?

___Impersonated someone over IM or online?

___Teased or frightened someone over IM?

___Not told someone who you really are online, telling them to “guess”?

___Forwarded a private IM conversation or e-mail without the permission of the other person?

___Changed your profile or away message designed to embarrass or frighten someone?

___Posted pictures or information about someone on a Web site without their consent?

___Created an Internet poll, either over IM or on a Web site, about someone without their consent?

___Used information found online to follow, tease, embarrass or harass someone in person?

___Sent rude or scary things to someone, even if you were just joking?

___Used bad language online?

___Signed someone else up for something online without their permission?

___Used an IM or e-mail address that looked like someone else’s?

___Used someone else’s password for any reason without their permission?

___Hacked into someone else’s computer or sent a virus or Trojan horse to them?

___Insulted someone in an interactive game room?

___Posted rude things or lies about someone online?

___Voted at an online bashing poll or posted to a guestbook saying rude or mean things?

Now calculate your total score:

0 – 5 Points: Cyber Saint

Congratulations! You’re a cyber saint! Your online behavior is exemplary!
Keep up the good work!

6-10 Points: Cyber Risky

Well, you’re not perfect, but few people are. Chances are you haven’t done anything terrible and were just having fun, but try not to repeat your behaviors, since they are all offenses. Keep in mind the pain that your fun might be causing others!

11-18 Points: Cyber Sinner

Your online behavior needs to be improved! You have done way too many cyber no-no’s! Keep in mind that these practices are dangerous, wrong, and punishable and try to be clean up that cyber record!

More than 18: Cyber Bully

Put on the brakes and turn that PC/MAC/text-messaging device around! You are headed in a very bad direction. You qualify, without doubt, as a cyberbully. You need to sign off and think about where that little mouse of yours has been clicking before serious trouble results for you and/or your victim(s), if it hasn’t happened already!

Interesting, huh? You heard em, if you got the right amount of answers, you’re a cyberbully! But don’t feel bad! You can change your ways, and stop bullying! It’s a really important thing to do, and if you feel bad, YOU can make a difference! Set up a group in your community and help people who have been
cyberbullied, and help yourself! Have you ever heard someone say, “If you help someone, you help you”?
Well it’s true! If you help someone, someday you or the person you helped will help you! Think about this, and stand up! This DOES matter! For more info, please talk to me on twixing or check out my blogs!

Thanks for listening, and I may do some more articles on this! So l8ter!
Hawkstar :)

Smile, it will make you feel better. Laugh, it will let go of tension.
Love, it will help your heart. Peace, it will save our world.

(Credit to: stopcyberbullying.org)

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