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Defensive Basketball Tips BY MOONPELT
February 21, 2010


So here are they’re tips to me to you to whoever! And you’ll learn all of this such as blocking out with your coach as well. Also, TEAMWORK GIRLS!!!!

Man-to-Man Defense Tips

Man-to-Man is what you do when you keep on somebody. Your ‘man’.

• Keep your butt to the basket. That way, even if she does get the ball, you can pop your arms up and try to block the shot

• Keep at least an arm length away from your girl so if she tries to go around you, your on her.

• If your girl does shoot up, or anybody on the opposite team, block them out, so YOU can get the rebound.

• If you want, you can put one arm on your girl, so that way you can follow her easier and make sure she doesn’t get the ball


Zone Defense Tips

You learn zone in 7th grade. It’s where you have an area to keep on, not a girl.

• If you’re on the elbow, and the ball goes to the side opposite of you, move into the middle of the free throw line.

• You can run up to the girl bringing the ball down, and try to block the ball from getting anywhere

• If you are in the back on a side, you kinda do the same, but don’t go to the free throw line! Just move to the middle by the basket if it’s on the side opposite of you.

• If you are in the back middle, you have to be tall or good at blocking out, so that way if the girl somehow gets into the box, you make sure she doens’t shoot.

• Make sure nobody get’s into the box.

• You are not on one certain girl, you are just guarding the zone, watching the ball.


All Defense Tips

So here is something you need to know for ALL defense

• Watch they’re eyes, they’ll say were they’ll throw it, so that way you can run and snag the ball.

• Shouting “behind you __________(fill in the blank)” is good, because it means that somebody is open behind you.

• Okay, use your brain. If somebody is running down the middle or wherever, get on her!  Especially if she’s open and can make a basket fast. Watch the ball, and if somebody with the ball goes around you, block them.


Cool!!!! And remember, it’s OK to get one foul every game or every other game or…ya know. That way you know you’re aggressive. But being fouled out is NOT a good thing. And don’t play dirty, it’s not good. If the other team is doing it — Then blow in their faces and get maybe 2 fouls. Show ‘em your tough, but play fair.



What a great bunch of tips!  Hey, iTwixie girls, if you have tips you want to have published here just send them in to submissions@itwixie.com.





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