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Design Project: Fabric Belt, Step 2
July 10, 2009

1. First lay your fabric out on an ironing board folded in half. Have a parent help you iron the fabric to get out any wrinkles.

2. Draw out your belt dimensions with a marker (use a sharpie or permanent marker so that it won’t smear). Since you’re drawing out your dimensions starting from the folded part of your fabric, divide the length you need in half.

For example, when you measure your waist plus 5 inches, if it comes to 30 inches – draw your length at 15 inches from the fold line.

3. Measure how wide your belt buckle is. You will need to make your belt a little bit wider than this. So, for example, if your belt buckle width is 2 inches, then you will need to have your drawing be 3 inches.

4. Cut out your belt shape from the one side of your fabric. Then, lay that piece on top of your second fabric and use it as a guide to cut out your other side. ***Be careful not to cut into your top fabric. Cut slowly!***


Now you have both layers cut out! Not much longer until you’ll be able to wear your new belt!!

If you feel a little behind, click here to see the materials you need to start this project.

Like always, if you have any questions or need some help, let us know! Email us at info@itwixie.com.

Can’t wait til next week for Step 3!

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