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Design Project: Patchwork Balls, Step 3
June 5, 2009

Hey, remember, this project can be done with a sewing machine or by hand with a needle and thread! Ask an adult to help if you choose to use the sewing machine. Those things can be tricky!

1. Remember that design pattern you drew and cut last week? Pin that pattern piece onto the fabric and use it as a guide to the cut the fabric into the same shapes.

For each ball you’re planning to make, you will need six petal-shaped panels of fabric, and two small circle pieces. See the picture above!

2. Once your fabric is all cut, place two pieces right-sides together, and pin. This will secure them when you’re sewing.

3. Sew the fabric panels together! Sew from the top edge to the bottom, about 1/4 inch from the edge (just like the picture below). Don’t worry too much about the tops and bottoms, because you will cover those bits up later. Continue like this until you have sewn all six panels together.

Check in next Friday for Step 4. We will be filling our fabric balls with stuffing!

Also, if you missed Step 1 or Step 2, no problem! You can find them here: Step 1, Step 2

Two pieces of fabric with their edges sewn together

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